What we do

Our focus is to find and to deliver value to our customers, partners, affiliates and financiers.  We create value by properly assessing demand and by delivering high quality, desirable projects in our targeted markets.


In the US our focus is to develop and to deliver quality, desirable and affordable homes in undeserved and up and coming urban communities.  


Outside of the US our focus is on developing resorts, boutique hotels, estate homes, villas and condos for new and existing tourist based destinations and for 2nd homes buyers.  Our model for project development outside of the US is to partner with landowners in areas where there is a demonstrated demand for high quality tourist accommodations and an established 2nd homes market.


Our company’s expertise is in project finance and project management.  We offer our clients and partners a solid team of seasoned professionals in real estate finance, architecture and design, engineering, construction and real estate sales.  Our team members and strategic partners also represent some of the top real estate professionals in the US and in the world.

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